Casting Beyond the Sea

Submission to her Husband-a Filipina’s Challenge

November 24, 2020

Join me for a LIVE podcast this Wednesday November 25 at 4 pm Central Time USA.

"Submission to her Husband-a Filipina’s Challenge"

After listening to this, you should know what you need to know about this divisive and misunderstood concept. I want to bring to light topics that can help a man want to pursue a Filipina for marriage, and basically how to be the kind of husband she needs.

I will endeavor to present what biblical submission means and doesn’t mean, where the concept came from, the best way to have a submissive wife, and very importantly, how a lack of submission affects a marriage, and what to do when the submission isn’t happening. I will take this seriously, and I recommend listening to all of this so there is no misunderstanding because I realize this is an unnecessarily hot topic.

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