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125 Is Common Law Marriage a Valid Marriage?

125 Is Common Law Marriage a Valid Marriage?

June 17, 2021

Since people don’t seem to be marrying like they used to, I wanted to make a podcast about common law marriage since that is what some people consider themselves, but are they really married? Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I detail what I’ve learned in six years of marriage to an amazing woman I married in less than eight weeks. Some may think our marriage was based on false pretenses, it will never work, age gap and different culture. Well, for some of you, going where you’re wanted is going to be your last chance at marriage, and for others of you (younger men) you could go overseas and find a marriage-minded woman who would even want a family.

On Casting Beyond The Sea where you will learn from my experiences as I honestly talk about the need to pursue hard for a wife so you are not spending your life alone, which is a sad way to go. If I got married, why can’t you? I don’t think I’m chopped liver but I had the hardest time getting married. The Guinness Book of World Records was constantly calling me up to see how long the streak of not having a bonafide girlfriend was. I think all bets must have been off that I would find someone.

 What Makes Someone Married? Why Get Married?  This was the first podcast on what is a valid marriage and the second podcast was What or Who Determines if Someone IS Married? Today I want to talk about common law marriage and I will follow up with some original thoughts of my own. I had heard about this term since I was young and there are some misconceptions about common law marriage, and I am going to use an article from a link in to talk about it.

124 What or Who Determines if Someone is Married?

124 What or Who Determines if Someone is Married?

June 14, 2021

Since I talk about making marriage great again and that this is a channel rated 4M for Mature Marriage-Minded Men only, I thought I should go over the fundamentals of who exactly is married and talk about why you should get married as most people need to. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I detail what I’ve learned in six years of marriage to an amazing woman I married in less than eight weeks. Is our marriage valid since we got married so quickly? Some people are aghast at Fil-West marriages, like we are doing something wrong. Since it may be out of the norm, does than invalidate it?

There are people who talk like they are married even though they certainly are not married. They have been dating someone for a while and since they feel safe, they might even call each other a spouse or a husband or a wife, but this is a mistake. In a previous podcast called What Makes Someone Married? Why Get Married? I used an article from to talk about what officially is needed for someone to be considered married.

Today will be about what or who determines if someone is married. I happen to think people who are living together without marriage are not married due to the reality they can pack up and leave for someone better at any time and owe the other absolutely nothing. That doesn’t sound like marriage to me. As you will see, there are also instances where someone might consider themselves married and might even be legally married, yet not in reality. It never used to be this complicated, and in this upload, I want to try to make it clearer.

Listen to the podcast and learn some fundamentals about marriage. 

123 What Makes Someone Married? Why Get Married?

123 What Makes Someone Married? Why Get Married?

June 7, 2021

Since I talk about making marriage great again and that this is a channel rated 4M for Mature Marriage-Minded Men only, I thought I should go over the fundamentals of what exactly marriage is in the first place and talk about why you should get married as most people need to. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I detail what I’ve learned in six years of marriage to an amazing woman I married in less than eight weeks. Was it worth? You bet it was!

Why get married? Companionship, touch, sex, adventure, someone to explore the world with, having children and raising a family. Living life alone without those things, which has become more common, I think leads to a life that is NOT what God wants for most people. Some people are hard to live with, and marriage will either verify that or they will be forced to make some good changes in their life. Marriage is for mutual blessing.

Some say marriage is just a piece of paper, I sure hope not. Some believe that marriage was made to be broken. Others believe their marital union to be so strong it can only be broken by death and biblical divorce such as adultery or the desertion of a non-Christian. What about arranged marriages? What about using an international dating service? I did, that’s how I found my wife after searching for a mind-boggling 30 years. Even an age gap marriage is a marriage. I think when two people consent to marry, and are not being forced against their wills to marry, then they are married. Just remember God sets up guidelines for how to operate within the framework of marriage.

I’ve even heard of a Philippines vlogger claim to be married then confess that he wasn’t. I think marriage is worth it and we ought to get married as soon as possible so we can enjoy more of it over the course of our life. Listen to the Podcast for more.



122 Platonic Parenting is Desperate and Irresponsible

122 Platonic Parenting is Desperate and Irresponsible

June 4, 2021

Platonic parenting? How some start families when romance isn’t happening or wanted.

A growing share of adults are looking for partners to help with parenting — but aren’t counting on finding “the one”

Robin Mock is trying to figure out how she wants to become a mom. She knows she wants to have a child — and soon. She’s 43, in the final stages of divorce and keenly aware that her longtime longing for motherhood has not only not happened, but gets less likely with the passage of time.

So the Los Angeles doctor of audiology is looking seriously at her options, from fostering a child to adoption, from sperm donation to the increasingly popular platonic parenting.

The latter option involves prioritizing partnership above romance, so instead of finding someone you hope to spend the rest of your life with in a couples-focused relationship, you look for someone you feel would be a good parent with whom to share raising a child.

While the practice is growing, critics warn that children do best when their family life is stable — and that’s more likely when they’re being raised by their own married parents who are committed to the children and to each other.

“Children benefit from being raised by two stably married parents,” said W. Bradford Wilcox, a scholar at the Institute for Family Studies and director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. “And, frankly, married parents have enough challenges sticking together for their kids and one another. Without the bond of married love, platonic parents are much less likely to stick together and give kids the stable, loving family that is best for them.”

Platonic parenting, according to Naomi R. Cahn, a law professor and director of the Family Law Center at the University of Virginia School of Law, is an international movement that probably got a boost from the pandemic because dating slowed down and the ticking of the biological clock may have seemed much louder.

Platonic parenting is also more established within gay and lesbian communities, but as a recent Guardian article notes, it’s increasingly popular with heterosexual singles, too. The news site notes tens of thousands of people have signed up on the matching website, while U.S.-based has 30,000 international members, two-thirds of them heterosexual. In the United Kingdom, has 53,000 members, three-fifths of them women. Some on those sites seek a parenting and romantic partner, others a parenting partner only. The big goal for all members is becoming a parent.

Platonic co-parents could have children a number of ways, including though intercourse, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization and adoption.

People thinking about forming nontraditional parenting partnerships don’t tend to trumpet their decisions, said Patrick Harrison, founder. “Our members keep a low profile because it’s nobody else’s business. They don’t need to rest of society to tell them it’s a good or bad thing,” he told the Guardian.

As noted, there are lots of opinions on the topic, but the phenomenon is driven by a real yearning for parenthood by both men and women who have not found “the one.”

Mock is more than willing to talk about her efforts to be a mom. And she’s trying to be realistic. She is preparing to be ready if she decides to try having a baby: taking prenatal vitamins, checking her fertility and hormones. She’s read avidly about options and she seeks out folks with experience in different ways to have children, including a potential sperm donor and a woman who fostered then adopted a child.

“I’m prepping, prepping prepping,” she said. “And I still know that rationally, everything could look good but I may not be able to get pregnant or, if I do, maybe I can’t carry a child. The likelihood that I’ll do IVF is pretty low, because it’s ridiculously expensive,” she said. “I think I have a couple of years — maybe until I’m 45 — to figure this out.”

That is only part of the article, listen to the podcast for more and my thoughts on why I think this is wrong.

121-Beauty That Lasts Why My Wife Will Always be Beautiful to Me

121-Beauty That Lasts Why My Wife Will Always be Beautiful to Me

June 3, 2021

Men marry for sex right? That’s not a question really, it’s a fact. Men marry for looks right? Same thing. Always been that way, always will be. Don’t feel guilty if that is you. Here on Casting Beyond The Sea, I want to challenge conventional thought on something as essential as marriage because…somebody needs to. You’ve heard the phrase “after she gets old, trade her in for a younger model”, but what does that accomplish? Well, it establishes that someone is selfish and ungrateful, and those are two marriage and relationship killers you should want to avoid.

You might even say that there are expats living overseas in places like the Philippines where I met my wife, who do that very thing. Use, then toss aside, look for another young beauty. I know that men do that, but real men don’t do that. In this podcast I will explain why my Filipina wife will always be beautiful to me.

120-4 Ways to Only Have Eyes for your Filipina

120-4 Ways to Only Have Eyes for your Filipina

May 31, 2021

You might have heard people say that Filipinas are jealous, more than American women.  That is likely true, because a Filipina isn’t comfortable with the man in her life making small talk with a stranger who happens to be a woman. At first this might seem like an unnecessary irritation, but the more I think about it, the more I think it is a good thing. This is a 4M rated channel-for Mature Marriage Minded Men.

Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for help in a variety of ways for foreign men to have a good relationship, hopefully a great relationship, with a Filipina. After formulating my thoughts, I realized this applied best to the man who can spend time in the presence of his Filipina, so if you don’t have a Filipina in your life, these four points are something to remember as you consider being married to a Filipina.

Looking-The Filipina in your life can not know what is going on in your mind, but it is very important you train yourself to not dwell on other women, other beautiful Filipinas. If you are in the Philippines, you will find very attractive Filipinas all over the place and even if your Filipina girlfriend or wife is not present, it is important to be able to look away. Have you heard of the 3-second rule?

You can’t help notice sensational women out in the world, it wouldn’t be natural or even healthy to look away immediately. To be practical, admire her looks and leave it at that. I don’t know about you, but for me I can remember what someone looked like forty years ago and I only saw them for a few seconds. You don’t need to walk around with a blindfold on, as if you could, or be led by the hand by someone else, just don’t dwell on it. The longer you look, the more likely you will lust.

I know some people say “what does it hurt to look?”, and I won’t spend much time on that but will say this-If you are going to commit to a Filipina or already have, if she isn’t aware that you are completely into her, she will eventually sense that you are not fully ready to commit to her, and then you will have to explain to her one day why you were staring at someone else.

It is only natural to notice of course, the key is to keep it very short. You know why you’re looking, but she won’t quite understand. She wants to be the only one you have eyes for. She will feel your relationship is secure if she doesn’t notice you being “interested” in another woman.  Here are some other ways she notices........

119 What Stresses Out Your Filipina? Make Sure it Isn’t You

119 What Stresses Out Your Filipina? Make Sure it Isn’t You

May 21, 2021

As a husband to a Filipina that I petitioned to come to America, I have been concerned that she is able to adjust well to leaving the Philippines and moving so far away from her family and friends. Some things she will get better at adapting to such as the weather, not being with her family in person, hearing English all the time and having to be on time to her scheduled appointments. However, there will be other things that come up that cause her stress, that she couldn’t have planned.

This video will be about knowing the things that cause stress in her life, what drains her physical and emotional energy, what she deals with that she didn’t anticipate.  Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea because I want to help foreign men consider dating and marrying a Filipina, and offer what I have learned in being married for six years.  Share the videos with anyone interested in a Filipina wife and as always, your comments are welcomed. What I say works with any woman who isn’t a feminist.

I wasn’t planning on saying this but I decided to, and that is to do all you can to make sure that you are not responsible for causing stress to your Filipina.  You and I are going to cause some stress simply by virtue of being human, but I assume you want to make amends quickly and try to learn from past experiences. I’m not referring to the expected disagreements and doing some things that irritate each other now and then. What I am referring to is that I must be sure not to be the cause of continued vexation to her and either don’t know it bothers her or don’t care. What is the harm in asking her if there is something you do that irritates her?

You will need to adjust to each other but I don’t think that means that neither of you care what kind of impression you make and what kind of impact you have on each other. My wife knows that I am more verbal but that doesn’t mean that I have to hit her with a barrage of comments as soon as she comes home from work. I might be more talkative to someone else than to her and she would appreciate that! I am always working on my patience, and that’s a requirement for a lasting marriage. Asking her to be in videos causes her stress.

Our different personalities can be a cause of stress if one is more laid back the other is more intense. Most of the time, there is probably a big difference between the personality of the husband and the wife. I am definitely more intense and that can scare my wife, who is calmer and milder. I want results now or yesterday; she is more deliberate. You don’t want your sexual differences to exasperate each other. It comes down to communicating to make sure things are okay.

It may be that the pace of life, such as it is in America, will be stressful to her. That is not to say that she didn’t have responsibility and work hard in the Philippines, only that here, it is on a regular, uninterrupted schedule, and workers need to show up on time, all the time. That might be a little different than what she experienced back home. Here we work and try to save and she might have a little trouble adjusting to what sometimes we call “the grind”, working day after day, seemingly just to keep our heads above water.

We have all kinds of bills considering internet, cable, garbage, water, phone, electricity, heat, a lot of taxes, and it can feel like we are working simply to be able to pay for those things. This could prove frustrating for her.  In our case, my wife is very ambitious and has excellent energy but I think she needs me to support her as much as I can with allowing her to buy things for herself with her hard-earned money.  I compliment her as much as I can because at work, she might not hear a lot of good things. I allow her the space she needs to communicate with her family and enjoy joining in myself.

Listen to the podcast for help with what your Filipina wife may be going through in the early years of your marriage.

118 A High Bar Set for Suitors of Charlize Theron

118 A High Bar Set for Suitors of Charlize Theron

May 20, 2021

Today I will talk once again about not being too picky and what’s wrong with the world that there are so many single adults. I want to make marriage great again, it’s the right thing to do and more people need to be doing it! Whether you want to marry someone where you are or explore love overseas, you must not be overly picky. If you want to marry a straight woman with conservative values, you might not find her if you stay where you are, you may have to go where you’re wanted-somewhere else-but it would be worth it. I did, now I live the good life but that doesn’t happen overnight, on Casting Beyond The Sea, I care about higher Fil-West education. I will link the article from

Charlize Theron is one of the hottest Hollywood actresses working right now. With her latest Netflix hit The Old Guard, plus some other big movies on the horizon, she has her career down pat. Though in her personal life, Theron recently admitted she hasn’t dated anyone for over five years, but also said part of that is because she sets a high bar for any potential suitors coming her way.

Listen to the Podcast and I will tell you why I think she could be making a big mistake.


117 Covid Doesn’t Need to Prevent You From Finding Love Beyond The Sea

117 Covid Doesn’t Need to Prevent You From Finding Love Beyond The Sea

May 17, 2021

If you are interested in marrying overseas, like the Philippines, and need to meet someone face to face, you are not able to go to the Philippines at this time. At first this looks like a detriment to even bothering to get started but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’d like to think this is a thinking man’s channel for finding a wife abroad and strengthening that relationship through marriage. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for podcasts that will go deep inside the reality of marriage to a Filipina or any woman. Women are the same everywhere, they want a strong, wise and caring man to marry them. I want to show you how and make marriage great again. Now, something to think about.

If you haven’t started searching for a wife overseas yet, so what if you can’t travel to the Philippines right now or maybe not even for the rest of 2021? You’ll need time to get to know someone overseas and a webcam is not a bad way to do it. When I joined Christian Filipina on March 13 of 2015, my first communication with my wife was five days later, and that probably doesn’t include my original wink at her to let her know I was interested. We got married in the Philippines already in May of that year.

However, not being immediately able to dash to the Philippines to meet someone is an opportunity to identify the right woman to invest your life into, if you take advantage of the time and make the most of it. I will talk about some ways in today's podcast here on Casting Beyond The Sea.

116 Love Beyond The Sea Hype or Hope?

116 Love Beyond The Sea Hype or Hope?

May 10, 2021

My YouTube channel, Love Beyond The Sea has been around for over three years. You might not know it by the subscriber count. Frankly, I thought it would be higher by now, and of course, have to ask myself why that is. With so many people complaining good wives are a fairy tale, if you haven’t subscribed, why don’t you subscribe and find out what this is all about.

I have a message to spread-I want to make marriage great again. One thing I thought about was maybe guys think this is hype and it isn’t going to work for them. Others might think that I am giving them hope that in the darkness of the present dating climate, that men who really want a wife and know they need one, can do like I did, and find a wife overseas. I don’t care where you find one, I just want you to find one. I also like to emphasize that your time and opportunities are slipping away. That is just reality. Since I am married, I live in reality.

Listen to how I think men should think about my YouTube channel here on Casting Beyond The Sea.

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