Casting Beyond the Sea

Is there only one woman who can be “the one”?

October 30, 2020

Having options is a good thing but sometimes it makes it difficult to be sure you made a good choice.  A church elder told me that there is nothing better than a good woman, and there is nothing worse than a bad one.  On the online dating site I met my wife on, you will probably get an overwhelming amount of contacts whether it be winks, chat requests or personal messages.  It can become addictive to look forward to the newest profile to see. 

This presents a situation that is made more difficult if you are of the belief that you are searching for “the one”, that there is just one soul mate available for you.  I’ll explain why I do not subscribe to this, and believe me, the thought crossed my mind at one time in my life, but that can be paralyzing.

If there is only one woman out there that God intends for you to marry, then what if she dies or marries someone else?  What if He doesn’t want you to marry a Filipina, someone so far away?  Having umpteen choices on a dating site is one thing but believing that there is only this one woman for you that God desires you to marry can be daunting enough to give up before you even start. Allow me to address this question that might be more common than you think.

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