Casting Beyond the Sea

125 Is Common Law Marriage a Valid Marriage?

June 17, 2021

Since people don’t seem to be marrying like they used to, I wanted to make a podcast about common law marriage since that is what some people consider themselves, but are they really married? Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I detail what I’ve learned in six years of marriage to an amazing woman I married in less than eight weeks. Some may think our marriage was based on false pretenses, it will never work, age gap and different culture. Well, for some of you, going where you’re wanted is going to be your last chance at marriage, and for others of you (younger men) you could go overseas and find a marriage-minded woman who would even want a family.

On Casting Beyond The Sea where you will learn from my experiences as I honestly talk about the need to pursue hard for a wife so you are not spending your life alone, which is a sad way to go. If I got married, why can’t you? I don’t think I’m chopped liver but I had the hardest time getting married. The Guinness Book of World Records was constantly calling me up to see how long the streak of not having a bonafide girlfriend was. I think all bets must have been off that I would find someone.

 What Makes Someone Married? Why Get Married?  This was the first podcast on what is a valid marriage and the second podcast was What or Who Determines if Someone IS Married? Today I want to talk about common law marriage and I will follow up with some original thoughts of my own. I had heard about this term since I was young and there are some misconceptions about common law marriage, and I am going to use an article from a link in to talk about it.

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