Casting Beyond the Sea

121-Beauty That Lasts Why My Wife Will Always be Beautiful to Me

June 3, 2021

Men marry for sex right? That’s not a question really, it’s a fact. Men marry for looks right? Same thing. Always been that way, always will be. Don’t feel guilty if that is you. Here on Casting Beyond The Sea, I want to challenge conventional thought on something as essential as marriage because…somebody needs to. You’ve heard the phrase “after she gets old, trade her in for a younger model”, but what does that accomplish? Well, it establishes that someone is selfish and ungrateful, and those are two marriage and relationship killers you should want to avoid.

You might even say that there are expats living overseas in places like the Philippines where I met my wife, who do that very thing. Use, then toss aside, look for another young beauty. I know that men do that, but real men don’t do that. In this podcast I will explain why my Filipina wife will always be beautiful to me.

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