Casting Beyond the Sea

Why I am Warming Up to Retiring in the Philippines

February 18, 2021

Before I left the Philippines the first time I went there, for the purpose of marrying my wife, her mother asked me if I would be back some day to the Philippines.  My answer was an honest “No, I doubt it, it is too far away and the trip is hard on my back.”  I was sincere.  I couldn’t see myself going through the four flights and seemingly endless trip, risking severe back discomfort and the heat of the Philippines.  I was ok with my wife going back to visit, but I felt like the first time was going to be the last time.  That was in 2015, but things have changed.

Wouldn’t you know it, only fifteen months later, which was seven months after my wife arrived in America, we both vacationed in the Philippines. I was` prepared with pain meds and a resolve to relax and find a way to sleep on the planes.  I don’t recall exactly why we went back so soon but perhaps that can be chalked up to her missing her family.  I also don’t recall putting up much resistance to making another trip to the Philippines, despite the reasons I had for not returning that I voiced the first time I was there.  Going this time would be a lot different because I would not be doing it alone.  I discovered my wife was adept at handling all the airport necessities.

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Today I will talk about my reasons for a change of heart regarding possibly retiring in the Philippines.


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