Casting Beyond the Sea

PDA and We Are Living With My Mother Filipino Style

October 15, 2020

You either like PDA or you don’t, I happen to like it. This is a short podcast to let you know how many Filipinas feel about public display of affection.

Over the years I want to help men have as complete a guide as possible to how to live with a woman from the Philippines, and I'd like to share a few thoughts on PDA.

At home, it’s another story but that’s Private Display of Affection!

My wife asked if we could move in with my mom.  She thought my mom was lonely.

We were looking for a house but decided we would offer to buy my mom’s house.

My wife is used to a big household with three sisters, two brothers, momma and papa, at least. I really can't talk enough about the value of family to the Filipina in your life. This may apply to any other overeas relationship you embark on.

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