Casting Beyond the Sea

Why is my channel called Love Beyond The Sea? + Philippines Vlogging Community POD

December 14, 2020

Everyone with a YouTube channel needs to decide on a name for it, which can be intimidating.  You want to give it a name that is easy to remember and relates to the main content, the main theme.  My name is very similar to the popular channel Life Beyond The Sea but in no way was I intending to copy the content of that very interesting and informative channel.

Probably it was after I returned from marrying my wife in the Philippines, when I first noticed Life Beyond The Sea.  The man who does the channel moved from California at about age 49 to the Philippines.  His channel documents his life there.  What makes this a good channel is the variety of topics, the editing skill, and that Reekay is transparent as well as well spoken. 

I haven't checked in a while but he has got to be close to 55,000 subscribers and has earned every one of them.  So obviously many of us know of his channel and what to expect there.

When I started thinking about what I could share on YouTube, and I had previously never wanted to have a YouTube channel, it didn't take long at all for the name Love Beyond The Sea to pop into my mind.  I had just gotten married and returned from a surreal experience in the Philippines so love was on my mind.  If anyone thinks I am trying to rip off his channel name in some way, I have too much respect for the empire he has built.  Love Beyond The Sea seemed so natural for what the vision of what I wanted the channel to be about that I chose that name.

Today I will explain the reasoning behind my YouTube channel name and some key differences between it and Life Beyond The Sea. George will also have a Philippines Vlogging Community Post of the Day.


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