Casting Beyond the Sea

145-Semen Retention? Coitus Reservatus? No Fap? Why Not Just Get Married?

August 21, 2021

Not exactly dinner table conversation but here at Casting Beyond The Sea I like to talk about anything marriage related, and today’s topic does involve marriage. I believe most people need to be married because of statements in the Bible but am appalled at the number of men who say they have gone MGTOW or are going to live a stoic life style, accepting that you can’t change women, you can’t change society, they’re going to be good being alone. What a bunch of poppycock. I will of course post the article I will be covering in the description box.

Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea, a channel that wants to make marriage great again, and the notion of semen retention and coitus reservatus is very strange. It isn’t my idea and I will go through some so-called benefits (mental, spiritual, physical), side effects, how it is different from NoFap, how to do it, (not that you should) and risks. No doubt, I will toss in my two cents since I was single for 53 years until I got married. I can understand the desire for people without a wife to do things like this. Most of us struggle with sexual control. I will include this is the Controversial Collection Playlist on Love Beyond The Sea on YouTube, where you can see my thoughts on love dolls, and virtual mates, among other things.


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