Casting Beyond the Sea

142-Benefits to the Single Life My Unpopular Opinion

August 13, 2021

I am a marriage supporter who wants to make marriage great again. Do I think there isn’t anything good about being single? I will link an article from called 17 Benefits of the Single Life-The special strengths of single people and the meaningfulness of single life.
I’ll be real honest with you. I already knew that MGTOW was leading people into a lifetime of sorrow and loneliness, but after spending two hours leaving comments one night to a video called Why It’s Better to be Single-4 Reasons, I reckon he is a stoic. I wondered if things are worse than I thought they were because it has almost 300,000 views and 15,000 likes. His channel has over 920,000 subscribers. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for the “other” side to this; that marriage is best for most people.
I noticed on someone else’s YouTube channel on stoicism there is even a video on semen retention, no thanks. Another one was called How to Be Alone. I was alone for 53 years before getting married, maybe I should have written a book. I certainly wasn’t content to be alone and not have sex, yet apparently, there is a growing movement of people who like to not have sex. 

From the article-“people are too often stereotyped and stigmatized. They are pitied while married people are celebrated. Yet the single life can be tremendously meaningful and fulfilling. It is time for a more accurate, research-based portrayal of single people and single life—one that recognizes the real strengths and resilience of people who are single, and what makes their lives so meaningful.”

I used to think single people were pitied while married people are celebrated, like she says, but not anymore. While church pastors were telling me from the pulpit that marriage was the most fulfilling and best for almost everyone, privately I seemed to hear a different message; that singleness was best and marriage is tough and you won’t have as much sex as you think.  After I got married, I found MGTOW videos that say marriage is for fools, so singleness must be for the wise. Now I find stoicism videos about the joys of being alone. Frankly, I don’t see much stigmatization of singles these days.

I will run through the points made about the benefits of being single and respond to them. Benefits of the Single Life Why It’s Better to be Single-4 Reasons The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better off Financially Cringeworthy Things Said to Single Christian Men

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