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110 Analyzing Apology-How to Apologize to Your Filipina Wife

April 20, 2021

Today I want to utilize a brief article from that is linked above.  I think it is a wonderful and easy way to understand how to apologize. It is exactly what any husband needs to know. A foreign husband and Filipina wife, perhaps a good deal younger than he is, is a union that may result in more opportunities for conflict that leads to the need for an apology.

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You already know there will be many times you will do something or say something that causes hurt to the Filipina, because men and women have a tendency to do that, because we are sinners. And there are times you’ll say something that upsets someone and you don’t know why it would.  Apologizing requires more than saying “I’m sorry.” This article explains why that is and the best way to apologize.

What tends to get me in trouble are my words. Sometimes it is the tone of my voice and other times, all I have to do is make a certain face and I know I am in trouble. I have been told that sometimes when I’m mad, I look like I could kill someone and I believe that. I am an emotional person and don’t like to hold anything in. What someone like me needs to learn to do is to “get it out” with the right words, not the wrong ones, focusing on the problem, without doing it in a way that makes someone feel like they are being attacked.

Here are the five apology lanuages from the link above that I will talk about.

Language #1: Expressing Regret

Language #2: Accepting Responsibility

Language #3: Making Restitution

Language #4: Genuine Repentance

Language #5: Requesting Forgiveness

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