Casting Beyond the Sea

103 Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick will Finish Last being Too Picky

March 31, 2021

Having options-that’s good. Being too picky-not good, not advised. None of us are getting any younger; even Dick Clark defied aging for a long time but he too, succumbed to Father Time. I am going to make my point again about being too picky by talking about this article (link will be provided). You may be familiar with former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. She is very wealthy (estimated net worth of 80 million dollars), eligible to be married…but why do I think this might not happen?

She has been married, had a five-year relationship with another driver and was most recently with Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers (Danica is from Wisconsin). She has also starred in many music videos and advertisements. In addition, she also modeled for ‘Sports Illustrated’. However, being picky might end up being more like a flat tire or running out of gas, then crossing the checkered flag and ending up with a spouse. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for marriage talk. Once in a while I will talk about love dolls or hindrances in society to getting married and sometimes mention some celebrities, you know, the ones you would think wouldn’t have relational issues because, well, they have it all right?

They can be picky, be choosy, but a lot of the time that doesn’t seem to work out. I will talk about an article I read that I will link right here-

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