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103 Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick will Finish Last being Too Picky

103 Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick will Finish Last being Too Picky

March 31, 2021

Having options-that’s good. Being too picky-not good, not advised. None of us are getting any younger; even Dick Clark defied aging for a long time but he too, succumbed to Father Time. I am going to make my point again about being too picky by talking about this article (link will be provided). You may be familiar with former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. She is very wealthy (estimated net worth of 80 million dollars), eligible to be married…but why do I think this might not happen?

She has been married, had a five-year relationship with another driver and was most recently with Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers (Danica is from Wisconsin). She has also starred in many music videos and advertisements. In addition, she also modeled for ‘Sports Illustrated’. However, being picky might end up being more like a flat tire or running out of gas, then crossing the checkered flag and ending up with a spouse. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for marriage talk. Once in a while I will talk about love dolls or hindrances in society to getting married and sometimes mention some celebrities, you know, the ones you would think wouldn’t have relational issues because, well, they have it all right?

They can be picky, be choosy, but a lot of the time that doesn’t seem to work out. I will talk about an article I read that I will link right here-

102 Is there Anything Good about Getting Older?

102 Is there Anything Good about Getting Older?

March 25, 2021

This is a podcast that many of you should be able to relate to; if you are already older you can relate to this right now and if not, you will be able to relate to this later. That’s getting older; growing old. What’s good about that? I am facing that and I want to be optimistic about the future I have left. Since Casting Beyond The Sea and Love Beyond The Sea are channels designed to Make Marriage Great Again and is for Higher Fil-West Education, you can bet that there is a component of marriage in here today, but a lot of it won’t be about the great blessing of matrimony.

Sometimes I feel like on Casting Beyond The Sea that I go where no man dares to go; today will be in that vein as the topic is aging or getting old. I am quite sure I will not cover everything here so please leave comments.

I am 59. They say youth is wasted on the young and it’s true that young people often don’t appreciate their youth and take for granted the energy, vitality and future they have. However, we aren’t going to enjoy that all the days of our lives if we live a long life, like many of us want to. Medicine is helping to keep people alive longer these days but are they living better?

I recognize that YouTube is often about having frivolous videos meant to entertain, and that’s fine but many videos are just plain vapid. You don’t learn anything, but on Love Beyond The Sea, I’d like to think I am saying things that people can learn something from. I tend to be serious and that is needed too. Now, let’s talk about what is happening to all of us-we are getting older...

101 Value the Filipina Quality of Unselfishness

101 Value the Filipina Quality of Unselfishness

March 16, 2021

When I began to consider marrying a Filipina, I only knew that I had heard they made good wives. I really didn’t have anything to go on as to why they made good wives. I knew I had long been attracted to their physical make up since I am attracted to their size and skin tone. You can’t base a marriage on that alone and since I have been married to a Filipina for almost five years, I have had a chance to learn up close and personal of the qualities that make a Filipina, the right one, a great wife. 

Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea and Love Beyond The Sea which is my YouTube channel, that strives to help encourage and equip foreign men in pursuit of a Filipina to marry. 

Some qualities they are known for are being respectful, cheerful, shy, hard-working, generous, resourceful and they love their families.  I would like to focus a little on the quality of being unselfish. You may have heard how Filipinas support their families, unfortunately sometimes to their own hurt.  We can debate whether or not it is from feeling compelled to do so, genuine love or a combination of both, but helping as they frequently do, does require a certain amount of unselfishness. I would appreciate comments from viewers about the ways they have observed the Filipina in their life be unselfish, to them, their families, to anyone. Here are some ways I have observed it myself.

100 How to Make Future Plans with a Filipina-Important!

100 How to Make Future Plans with a Filipina-Important!

March 15, 2021

It is clearly important to have basic knowledge of the Filipina you want to marry or have married, and it is important to have commonality in important areas and having good relationship skills is a must. If a couple aren’t on the same page for their future plans, that needs to be worked on.  I have heard it said that a team is only as strong is its biggest weakness.  If a foreigner marries a Filipina, they may have a lot going for them, but if their weakness is their future plans being the same, that would spell trouble. Does this make sense? 

My business is love and business is good. If you want the best Fil-West marriage advice, you are at the right place.

Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea and Love Beyond The Sea on YouTube where I will talk about anything I am learning that would help a foreign man excel with a Filipina. I know from experience how wonderful and exhilarating it is to go to the other side of the world to find the wife I have wanted a very long time.  All the communication, adjustments, travel, meeting the family, visa paperwork and fees.  You tell yourself it is all worth it when you are together, and that’s true. Eventually the bloom comes off the rose and the usual challenges of two sinful people show up.  We all go through that.

As I say that, I think how many couples end up not even having a future as the relationship gets short circuited due to any number of things, one of which could be your future plans not being in sync. Naturally, when you marry a Filipina it will be a while before the topic of future plans really becomes urgent. I am not sure exactly how important it is to talk about that when dating because you are usually focusing more on the present and the immediate future and it is possible you haven’t thought that far ahead. 

Wanting to Marry a Virgin when you are not a Virgin

Wanting to Marry a Virgin when you are not a Virgin

March 8, 2021

I hear see this from time to time, a man who has had sex with multiple women in his life, now wants to settle down, however, a big priority he has is to marry a virgin. Is this not a double standard? He is allowed to have fun with any woman he wants but, the right woman for him should avoid men until he is ready to marry her? Casting Beyond The Sea is the channel for Fil-West Higher Education and I want to help make marriage great again. Love is my business, and business is good, but when I see men wanting a virgin when they have been a player, something seems wrong about that.

I am going to ask a lot of questions and I want you to contribute the answers; give me your response, share your experiences. This is not an everyday podcast topic but I prefer to deal with important matters if you have seen my podcasts and videos. Sometimes I think many people aren’t interested in that or maybe sometimes I hit too close to home. You have permission to talk about this tonight.

This podcast is about the idea of a non-virgin man insisting on a virgin woman to marry. Why do men think so highly of virgins? I mean, at one point virginity is mocked and ridiculed, then later it is so highly prized like gold at the end of a rainbow. Listen and find out the logic of a player or former player insisting on marrying a virgin.

Many Ways to Learn about your Filipina wife AFTER marriage

Many Ways to Learn about your Filipina wife AFTER marriage

March 5, 2021

This is a continuation of a previous podcast about how to know your Filipina well after you marry her. Of course, there are some things you want to know before you get married but the learning experience doesn’t stop there. Today I will talk about some more ways to keep learning about your Filipina wife. Subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea and learn about finding and experiencing marital love. Leave comments and get notifications for upcoming videos. Here are some learning opportunities-

Being away from family-While your Filipina wife could likely still spend time with family while in the Philippines, being so very far away will be something she may not have had a chance to experience.  If she had been a OFW she has a head start in this regard, if not, you will be learning and helping her make this big adjustment.  You will learn how much time she spends on social media and need to be sensitive to that.  If it is too much, then it will be important to find a way a good way to allow her to continue doing this but not so much that it interferes with your ability to relate to her.

How she is adjusting to your country-You won’t be able to know this until after marriage also.  How is she adjusting to the different currency?  The colder weather? Your family? The different food? Being away from her long-time friends?  The language? Anything new to her will be something she could use your help with adjusting to.  How will she handle making and having more money than ever before? You will discover how eager she is to ask for help for certain things.

Her health-Her health will also be something you will need to learn about as it is possible that she wasn’t able to or avoided regular-check-ups with a doctor.  She might have some issues but not know it.  These are just some ways the Filipina’s husband will learn more about his wife and can be supportive and understanding.

What a Filipina needs: Here are some areas I believe your Filipina absolutely will need you to understand about her after you are married-I will post some links where some of this info comes from.

Listen to her sincerely: Observe her words, body language, and circumstances in order to compassionately understand her. Make eye contact with her, and ask thoughtful questions, like “How did that affect you?” or basic who/what/where/when/why/how questions. Study her, what pressure is she under? What does she need to feel loved? What are her passions, her skills, gifts and abilities? What energizes her? What does she despise? What does she need to feel safe? Is there someone in her life who is bothering her?

To Know She's Loved-You will need to learn how she needs you to express it to her, as we talked about earlier.

Understanding and Forgiveness-Forgiveness is a necessity to remaining married to someone.

Real Conversation-Having left everything to be with a foreign husband, she will need him to be available to talk to her about more than just the bills, taking care of the children, are chores getting done.  A Filipina might tend to be quiet so it helps if the foreigner asks her regularly how she is feeling, if he can do anything for her, if her needs are getting met, etc.

Quality Time With Her (and Your Children)-My wife is able to keep busy without me but there are times she needs me to just be with her, just to eat with her, to rest in bed together.  She doesn’t always need to be talking to me.  The Filipina will have to decide what quality time means.  What it means to me is simply just being with my wife. It can also mean sharing the moment at a movie or watching something on TV. It can mean having a serious talk about something too.

To Hear "Yes" More Than "No"-Not yes always but she shouldn’t be afraid or not confident she can ask you for something or to do something.  You can know before marrying her that she will want to hear “yes” more often than she hears “no”.

Better Listening Skills-You can already know that your Filipina will need you to learn how to be a good listener. You know how it is, as guys we tend to think that being a good listener means quickly grasping what the problem is that she is having and then giving a salient solution. But this really isn’t about comprehension or solution, it is about letting her say what’s on her mind, what’s bothering her, and being able to remain silent. 

Listen to the podcast for even more ways to learn aobut your Filipina wife AFTER marriage, which is when most of it is going to happen.



Join me tonight on YT-Players Wanting to Marry a Virgin?

Join me tonight on YT-Players Wanting to Marry a Virgin?

March 4, 2021

Thursday 6 pm Central Time USA Youtube Live stream on Love Beyond The Sea.

Let's chat about the situation where a player or former player insists on only marrying a virgin.

Does this makes sense? I have some thoughts and many questions.

Join me tonight at 6 pm at the link above.

I think this may not be a good idea for someone who is serious about getting married and is getting older.

Marrying a Filipina is just the Start of Knowing her

Marrying a Filipina is just the Start of Knowing her

March 3, 2021

This podcast is about learning about your Filipina wife after marriage.  I will talk about the general idea of continuing to get to know her, some things you can take to the bank she will want you to know about her, and some things you can do to get to know your Filipina wife better.  I will put a few links in the description box where a lot of these ideas come from, and sprinkle in my original thoughts and observations. 

Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea for Fil-West Higher Education If you have any interest at all in marrying a foreign woman, maybe you’ve heard Filipinas make good wives. If you are dating or engaged to a Filipina or have already married one, this is a video that you can learn from. Casting Beyond The Sea is part of the Make Marriage Great Again network of channels.


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