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Is there only one woman who can be “the one”?

Is there only one woman who can be “the one”?

October 30, 2020

Having options is a good thing but sometimes it makes it difficult to be sure you made a good choice.  A church elder told me that there is nothing better than a good woman, and there is nothing worse than a bad one.  On the online dating site I met my wife on, you will probably get an overwhelming amount of contacts whether it be winks, chat requests or personal messages.  It can become addictive to look forward to the newest profile to see. 

This presents a situation that is made more difficult if you are of the belief that you are searching for “the one”, that there is just one soul mate available for you.  I’ll explain why I do not subscribe to this, and believe me, the thought crossed my mind at one time in my life, but that can be paralyzing.

If there is only one woman out there that God intends for you to marry, then what if she dies or marries someone else?  What if He doesn’t want you to marry a Filipina, someone so far away?  Having umpteen choices on a dating site is one thing but believing that there is only this one woman for you that God desires you to marry can be daunting enough to give up before you even start. Allow me to address this question that might be more common than you think.

DON’T Try THIS at Home Here’s Help for Harmony

DON’T Try THIS at Home Here’s Help for Harmony

October 28, 2020

This is an opportunity for you to learn from some of the mistakes I have made while spending time with my wife, while in the Philippines and since she has been here in America.

As you may already know, I think highly of marrying a Filipina, one that you have evaluated with common sense and discretion.  It may seem like I threw all caution to the wind by proposing after only 18 days, but if her word was good, then in that time I knew all that I needed to know about her.  The rest would have to be uncovered over time. 

Here are some things to avoid doing so you can get off to a harmonious start with your Filipina wife.

Having Realistic Expectations of Marriage to a Filipina

Having Realistic Expectations of Marriage to a Filipina

October 26, 2020

Here are some tips that you might use early on so you can have realistic expectations of marriage to a Filipina-

  1. Successful will always require give and take. It may be best if you do most of the giving early on, to set the tone. As a man I am to lead my marriage and that may include doing more giving than taking.


  1. Don’t expect her to be ok with you spending a lot of time doing what you used to do when you were single. She didn’t come that far away to spend much time alone. When we are single, we have to occupy ourselves but when married I think the Filipina needs to see and experience that her husband is going to prioritize spending time with her.

There could be some conflict because initially she is likely to want to keep in touch with home a lot, and that’s natural since she is so far away. It can be a bit of a balancing act to want to show her how special she is to you, while she is in the early stages of being homesick.

  1. I told my wife from the start that I would do all I can do defer to her wishes. We have been married since May of 2015, so I have had plenty of time to show her I am serious. We go where she wants to go on vacations since she wants to see what is in our surrounding area. We went to Paris in 2017 for our second wedding anniversary because I wanted her to experience something she would never forget.

I cut my hair since she thought it was too long, I have allowed her to pick nice clothes for me to wear, if she thought she had to have something I bought it for her. She will have the clothes on her back and in her suitcase and not much else, so she is going to need you to provide certain things for her until she is able to make her own money and deferring to her desire to work is a big thing to her.

  1. Don’t expect her to eat brown rice. Don’t expect she will react with joy when you tell her that white rice isn’t healthy and brown rice or black rice is better.

I have many more practical things to consider to please tune in to the podcast Having Realistic Expectations of Marriage to a Filipina.

4 Concerns I have for my Filipina wife when I die

4 Concerns I have for my Filipina wife when I die

October 23, 2020

Maybe it is just me, but I think talking about death is something that needs to be done, simply to be prepared for the inevitable.  Since I am 27 years older than my wife, it is impossible to know if we will have a long marriage or a short marriage. I do know that she has made me a very contented and satisfied man after many difficult years of being alone.

I can tell you that talking about my passing is not a favorite thing of my wife, and I understand that.  I also feel that to some degree, I must explain to her that I need to do what I can to prepare her for the inevitable, because I am responsible to take care of her.  I am 59 and see celebrities, athletes and locals die by that age.  It hits home.  My idea is that by disclosing what I can do to help her in that transition in life, she can feel better by not having to worry as much about it.  Here are several areas I feel compelled to address with her.

Inside the World of Big Rob-Life Abroad Is it for You?

Inside the World of Big Rob-Life Abroad Is it for You?

October 21, 2020

This live podcast is with YouTuber Big Rob and we will talk about what led him to consider moving to another country to live, finding a wife overseas, and the phone lines will be open for you to call in or to chat in Podbean. Big Rob's YouTube channel

Suspicion? Don’t let doubt creep in + Philippines Vlogging Scene post of the day

Suspicion? Don’t let doubt creep in + Philippines Vlogging Scene post of the day

October 19, 2020

It seems that either a man has a great relationship with a Filipina or a terrible one.  Some will tell you that you should be suspicious of all Filipinas.  But let’s not get carried away.

I consider marrying a younger, beautiful Filipina an amazing opportunity.  It may seem too good to be true after you are into your pursuit and are “clicking” with someone.  Eventually, some sort of doubt may creep in, like the ones I will talk about.  Here is how I deal with each one.

Also a fitting Philippines YouTube post of the day.

George is Upset! Misunderstandings about Love Beyond The Sea

George is Upset! Misunderstandings about Love Beyond The Sea

October 16, 2020

I am a simp, I am a super simp, my wife will leave me, I support her ENTIRE family, I am dense and boring, and these are the good comments!

George will share some unflattering (and false) claims about me. I find them amusing and hope you will too.

Listen today and learn to separate fact from fiction. Any Philippines vlogger is a target, so marrying a Filipina seems to illicit ridiculous comments like this.

PDA and We Are Living With My Mother Filipino Style

PDA and We Are Living With My Mother Filipino Style

October 15, 2020

You either like PDA or you don’t, I happen to like it. This is a short podcast to let you know how many Filipinas feel about public display of affection.

Over the years I want to help men have as complete a guide as possible to how to live with a woman from the Philippines, and I'd like to share a few thoughts on PDA.

At home, it’s another story but that’s Private Display of Affection!

My wife asked if we could move in with my mom.  She thought my mom was lonely.

We were looking for a house but decided we would offer to buy my mom’s house.

My wife is used to a big household with three sisters, two brothers, momma and papa, at least. I really can't talk enough about the value of family to the Filipina in your life. This may apply to any other overeas relationship you embark on.

LIVE-Generational Gap and the Younger Wife

LIVE-Generational Gap and the Younger Wife

October 14, 2020

I’d like to do another podcast about the age gap “controversy” that comes up whenever an older foreign man is pursuing a younger Filipina. It is controversial because although many men would prefer a younger wife, they don’t generally try to find one, and when such a couple is seen in public, there are the usual characterizations and assumptions about them. 

Please subscribe to Casting Beyond The Sea where I will address as much as I can about having a relationship with a woman overseas.

Sound problems prevented the original attempt at a live podcast earlier and after working on that, I decided to redo it.

Facebook-Foreigner and Filipina Friend or Foe?

Facebook-Foreigner and Filipina Friend or Foe?

October 13, 2020

It has been said that the Philippines is the Facebook capital of the world.  This may be the most popular way to communicate with each other, although there is Skype, Viber and others, from what I gather, Facebook is used the most.

Your Filipina very possibly will be someone who uses Facebook…a lot.  I just want you to brace for that because it is possible you may be annoyed or even offended by that.  Understanding how important Facebook is to her will go a long way to help ensure the success of your marriage to a Filipina. Find out why in today's podcast.

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